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A Eulogy is an expression of praise given in memory of someone who has died, which is usually delivered at a funeral or memorial service.

It's an opportunity to; Record and Celebrate and bring that person to life for one more time, and it is a tremendous gift to the grieving family.

The most effective Eulogies I have heard, share memories of the deceased giving you insight and information about somebody’s life, often their early life, that maybe you weren’t aware of. 

A good Eulogy leaves you knowing more about that person than perhaps you knew before and leaves you uplifted, with some good memories to take away.

  • Decide who is to write, and who is to give the eulogy.

  • It is important that family members feel comfortable and confident about the person to give the Eulogy.

  • It doesn’t have to be just one person giving the eulogy.

  • at funerals where three people gave the eulogy all of whom had known the person at a different stage of their life, such as during childhood, through work and through marriage.

  • It was very effective because they all supported each other and each had different memories to share. It is also less pressure for each speech giver. Likewise, if it's an elderly person who has died, it may be that children and grandchildren may want to make a contribution.

  • Think  about your audience – is it just family and close friends or a wider audience, who may have known the deceased in different areas of their life, such as work?

  • The Age of is also important. If it is an older person who has enjoyed a long, fulfilled life, then probably easier to remain uplifting and inspiring.

  • If you don’t feel able to stand up and give a Eulogy, I'm available!
  • Everybody will understand if you become a little emotional while giving it, but if you feel that it would just be too distressing and you might break down completely, then it is probably best to decline when asked.

  • If it is a very close family member that has died such as a husband, wife or child, you may want to write the Eulogy yourself, but ask somebody else to give it on your behalf.

  • The eulogy is the moment at which the deceased is brought close, and a time when he or she steps away. "It is at once a greeting and a letting go” Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate


*If you’d like me to Compose the Eulogy for your one, Please let me know! There is an additional fee of $100.00, please call for details!  

If you compose a Eulogy and want me to read it during the service, I will need the finished version at least 24 Hours before the service. Samples are available by request.

Thank You, Chaplain Chris Crawford.

Contact Chaplain Chris at: 909-633-3104 

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